Precision Ag Vision Conference

We’ll be hearing about emerging trends and their practical application.

Precision agriculture. Site specific farming. Digital farming. Digital agriculture. Regardless of what we call it, its role in the food and fiber industry will continue to increase – at a meteoric rate.

For most of us in agriculture, it’s not a new concept. In fact, agriculture has been living the Internet of Things long before that phrase was coined. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been marketing yield monitors, VRT application, auto-steer tractors, GPS grid sampling, precision irrigation controls and integrated digital ag platforms.

Most of this technology and marketing has been focused on row-crop production. This week, though, we’ll learn more about how digital agriculture is used in the production and marketing of specialty crops. And we’ll see how digital farming data will enhance transparency and accountability from the farm to the table or department store rack.

Because we anticipate that precision farming data and implications of that data, will further impact how brands market to farmers and their food-chain partners, we are again attending the PrecisionAg Vision Conference, now in its second year. We look forward to sharing what we learn from the visionaries and precision farming experts.

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Be sure to check back to Marketing to Farmers in the next few weeks for summaries of what we learn this week. In the meantime, check out Jeff’s post from last year’s Conference.