tips for recording farmer testimonials

Taking it to the field: tips for creative testimonials

Producing an effective assessment to get the best business. Producing a testimonial takes a special craft. It carefully toes the line between endorsement and op-ed, and if done right, removes the essence of a commercial and exchanges it with a homegrown feel of the products and services that are actually being used.  Therefore, it can ... Read More
best social media for marketing to farmers

Social media strategies: picking the right platform to achieve your goals when marketing to farmers

Choosing the best social media channels to make a difference and increase engagement Since its inception, Marketing to Farmers has tried to keep up with the social media Jones’. That means taking a deeper dive into Instagram, Facebook Live and Twitter, among others, to best understand how they may be of value to you and ... Read More
metrics quality impact outcome

Evaluation: determining value might be more than a numbers game when marketing to farmers

Quality and quantity are equally important when it comes to metrics. Yield is a farmer’s output, but as marketers and brand stewards, what is ours? If we are successful, it is the partnership of a farmer with our brand. A more likely outcome is that we have had some impact of recognition, and farmers know ... Read More
Community service charities ag marketing

Giving back in ag is helping others move forward

Community service, volunteering and philanthropy begins in the heart first. Now that Thanksgiving is over, radio stations are occupied with holiday tunes and the onslaught of shopping opportunities has invaded the media with vengeance – to the point where the spirit of giving of the holiday season feels overshadowed with self-serving promotions.  And though we ... Read More
3 important lessons learned while writing “Marketing to Farmers”

3 important lessons learned while writing “Marketing to Farmers”

Marketing to Farmers is a pathway for learning as well as sharing insights. I have learned many lessons throughout the entire creative process with Jeff Walter, my partner on Marketing to Farmers. However, there are three key lessons that linger in my brain each time I write. Although many do, not all lessons come by ... Read More