Consumer Attitudes Count when Marketing to Farmers

Consumer attitudes count when marketing to farmers

Use of more strategic rigor in ag marketing can ease consumer skepticism. For decades, ag marketers have been rolling out new technologies and products that greatly enhance farmers’ productivity and profitability and make life easier for the farmer. A tangible benefit to consumers has rarely been overtly evident in these products and technologies. So as ... Read More
Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing to Farmers

Three critical mistakes to avoid when marketing to farmers

Avoiding these common mistakes can help keep your brand out of the Hall of Shame. They may seem obvious, but flip through any ag industry pub and you will see multiple examples of these sins being committed. Building a strong connection to farmers requires sincere, knowledgeable communications. Mistake Number 1:  Don’t reduce farmers to a ... Read More
farmer decision making for marketers

Understanding the how and when of decisions ensures better marketing to farmers

Factors to consider when developing your marketing plans. Marketing inputs to farmers have a lot of moving parts. To do it successfully, you need to understand how farmers make decisions: the stages in the decision-making process, the timing and the resources farmers access to inform their decisions. If you have a firm grip on the decision-making ... Read More
Marketing to Farmers in the Age of Disruption

Marketing to farmers in the age of disruption

Marketers need to keep pace with changes in communications to reach farmers. We live in an age of disruption. Brands struggle to sustain long term relationships with farmers, and find innovative ways to communicate to current customers and build new markets. Part of this struggle is due to the speed of technology development, especially as ... Read More