Marketing to a Farmer's Family

Three ways to put family first when marketing to farmers

Keep in mind the importance of family farming when connecting your audience to a brand. Contrary to some propaganda, family farms continue to dominate agriculture representing 97 percent of the 2.1 million farms in the United States, according to the most recent U.S. Census of Agriculture. A colleague of mine recently attended Farm Journal’s Corn and Soybean College and had the opportunity to meet some farm families during the event ... Read More
key challenges for ag marketing

Marketing to farmers poses a unique set of challenges

Embrace these 4 challenges head-on and the (ag) world is your oyster! A few weekends ago, I was chatting with a new acquaintance at a neighborhood barbecue about spending the last 17 years of my professional career in marketing. When he asked what industry I enjoyed the most, without a moment’s hesitation, I answered, “Agriculture.” My new friend was surprised by this answer and asked me why it was such ... Read More
county fair marketing to farmers

Marketing to farmers at the county fair is a winning strategy

Don’t dismiss the value of county and state fairs for keeping your brand in conversations. For a few weeks every summer, many farmers seem to fall off the grid. They’re at the county and state fairs with their families. But don’t think for a moment that they’ve taken a break from pondering and debating the inputs, services and equipment used in their operations. The conversations are happening, just at a ... Read More
storytelling for marketing to farmers

Good storytelling is great for marketing to farmers

One of the oldest forms of communication still works. Storytelling may be the most overused word in marketing. But there must be something to it for it to be so enduring and popular. And there is — storytelling can be highly effective when done well. Especially when marketing to farmers. Why stories work so well A big reason for storytelling’s effectiveness is the emotion. Stories just naturally have it. A ... Read More
5 benefits to using third-party metric services when marketing to farmers

5 benefits to using third-party metric services when marketing to farmers

Third-party services offer additional metrics, insights into farmers’ preferences and behavior and confidence in your own metrics. We frequently discuss how important data is when making informed business or marketing decisions. In earlier posts, we’ve covered the importance of setting up your analytics and recording your own data wherever possible. However, there are also a variety of third-party metric services that can add additional insight. A quick glance at your ... Read More