reaching influencer audiences when marketing to farmers

Know who influences farmers’ decisions

Influencer audiences are an important marketing channel. The buying decision for a consumer product is a very different experience than that for a business, specifically in agriculture. In agriculture, decisions about products, equipment and seed are complicated decisions that can take a lot of time, research and energy. And, unlike consumer marketing, you are not always marketing directly to the purchaser when trying to sell them your product. Researchers and ... Read More
advocacy programs for marketing to farmers

Advocacy for farmers is more than a marketing task

Include your entire organization in ag advocacy efforts. Reams of research have told us for years that consumers, especially millennials, expect brands to have purpose beyond the sales and delivery of products and services.  They expect brands to support issues that are important to them and, as we see in B2B circles, to advocate for their industries.  And they won’t be fooled with a few warm-and-fuzzy marketing messages. In the ... Read More
Supporting farmers during natural disasters

Maintaining the calm before, during and after the storm

How to be our best when Mother Nature is at her worst. In the past three weeks, we’ve seen hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose, wreak havoc on our nation, with Katia not far behind. While the Eastern Seaboard is frightfully coming to shore, it is fire season across the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, scorching the earth and lighting the sky with flames and clouds of smoke.  From Montana to New ... Read More
Marketing to farmers returning to Rural America

Marketing to farmers returning to Rural America

The next generation of ag is returning to Rural America after time spent in the private sector. We are all creatures of habit and that includes marketers with an ag audience. The audience is evolving, so you may not get away with your tried and true, lead-with-traditional-media strategies for too much longer. In recent years, we have seen reports from sources, including the USDA, indicate the next generation is returning ... Read More
Marketing to a Farmer's Family

Three ways to put family first when marketing to farmers

Keep in mind the importance of family farming when connecting your audience to a brand. Contrary to some propaganda, family farms continue to dominate agriculture representing 97 percent of the 2.1 million farms in the United States, according to the most recent U.S. Census of Agriculture. A colleague of mine recently attended Farm Journal’s Corn and Soybean College and had the opportunity to meet some farm families during the event ... Read More