how farmers use social media

Understanding how farmers use social media can improve your marketing

Farmers are increasingly active on social media, are you missing out? More and more farmers are actively engaging in social media platforms, for both personal and business reasons.  Understanding how they’re using platforms like YouTube and Facebook can enable your brand to deliver useful content at the right moment. In its early days, social media ... Read More
Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Tips on live-tweeting to farmers from an ag event. We are just finishing a busy time for ag trade shows and conferences. During these events, I saw a number of ag marketers successfully using social media to connect with farmers and provide them with real-time updates. Farmer interest to connect with ag companies and brands ... Read More
Content discovery for farmers

The importance of content discovery marketing to farmers

Creating good content is important, but making that content discoverable will increase credibility and effectiveness. Nielsen has a few interesting nuggets in their Trust in Advertising Survey that we as marketers (even ag marketers) need to consider. Turns out that people don’t trust marketers, but they do trust each other. 92 percent of people completely/somewhat ... Read More
The basics of marketing to farmers on LinkedIn

The basics of marketing to farmers on LinkedIn

You can reach a surprising number of farmers and ag professionals through LinkedIn. Most of us use LinkedIn nearly every day in our professional lives. But did you know it is also useful in connecting your ag brand with farmers? It’s easy to do if you apply the basics of LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to ... Read More
Market to Farmers on YouTube

Satisfying farmers’ desire for information by marketing on YouTube

Farmers go-to social media channel is not Facebook. Video is becoming the primary way to get farmers' attention in a world of marketing disruption and information overload. How many times has someone asked you, “What’s the plan for our Facebook page?” Over the last few years, agrimarketers have pushed and prodded brands to vest in ... Read More