Instagram for Marketing to Farmers

Capturing the charm on the farm: marketing to farmers in the age of Instagram

How to use this innovative app as a marketing tool. Instagram was born in 2010 as a photography-sharing app. Three years later it expanded to accommodate video, and today it has over one million advertisers to supplement its many features, including live stories, photo editing and filters. It currently cites 800 million active users, as well as a contingency of farms, farmers and agricultural photography, known as “Farmstagramers,” as they ... Read More
Facebook Live for marketing to farmers

Facebook Live Is MORE than your average marketing to farmers

Farmers get to know more about ag brands; ag marketers learn more about their customers. Facebook Live has emerged as a great marketing tool for brands and customers to connect, especially for ag events. Facebook may not have had farmers in mind when it created Facebook Live, but it’s a perfect social media channel for ag brands, companies and organizations to connect with farmers. Farmers can’t make it to every ... Read More
using-social media when marketing to farmers

How to get the most out of social media when marketing to farmers

Social media can be a useful way to connect and engage with farmers, as long as you use it the right way. Follow these tips to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media program ... Read More
how farmers use social media

Understanding how farmers use social media can improve your marketing

Farmers are increasingly active on social media, are you missing out? More and more farmers are actively engaging in social media platforms, for both personal and business reasons.  Understanding how they’re using platforms like YouTube and Facebook can enable your brand to deliver useful content at the right moment. In its early days, social media wasn’t much more than a way for teenagers and college students to let their friends ... Read More
Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Tips on live-tweeting to farmers from an ag event. We are just finishing a busy time for ag trade shows and conferences. During these events, I saw a number of ag marketers successfully using social media to connect with farmers and provide them with real-time updates. Farmer interest to connect with ag companies and brands through social media shows no signs of decline. According to the 2016 Successful Farming Media ... Read More