Local marketing

How local do you go when marketing to farmers?

From online to on the shelves, making marketing a local affair. It’s important to get local when marketing to farmers. But what does going local mean? The definition of local is relative when looking at business in the 21st century. As more and more businesses are either online or have an online component, it takes an extra consideration as to how to market locally when customers can access businesses from ... Read More
10 tips to understand and utilize SEO

10 tips to understand and utilize SEO

In its infancy, the internet was a way to organically seek information about a product, service or location. But now, type a search word into Google and it’s more impossible than ever to miss that the first and final third of every browser page results contain ads, known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising ... Read More
trade show marketing opportunities

Trade shows offer non-stop opportunities for marketing to farmers

Tips to make your next trade show a worthwhile marketing experience. We recognize the value of ag trade shows and how these events support our marketing goals. We get the opportunity to connect with farmers, retailers and other industry influencers. Where else can you personally interact with so many of your target audiences in just one place? Trade shows also give you front-row access to your competitors’ messaging and activity ... Read More
marketing to farmers measurement metrics

Top 10 metrics to measure when marketing to farmers

What to measure to make your marketing effective. We recently discussed that both quality and quantity matter when it comes to metrics. Farmers and the ag industry have unique needs and spend considerably more time in the field than their counterparts outside of ag. The various types of metrics to collect are more objective and are intended to provide data that can enable you to better provide the ag community ... Read More
best social media for marketing to farmers

Social media strategies: picking the right platform to achieve your goals when marketing to farmers

Choosing the best social media channels to make a difference and increase engagement Since its inception, Marketing to Farmers has tried to keep up with the social media Jones’. That means taking a deeper dive into Instagram, Facebook Live and Twitter, among others, to best understand how they may be of value to you and your marketing needs. It’s also been imperative to understand how farmers use social media.  We ... Read More