metrics quality impact outcome

Evaluation: determining value might be more than a numbers game when marketing to farmers

Quality and quantity are equally important when it comes to metrics. Yield is a farmer’s output, but as marketers and brand stewards, what is ours? If we are successful, it is the partnership of a farmer with our brand. A more likely outcome is that we have had some impact of recognition, and farmers know who we are and what we can do for them.  If that’s the case, what ... Read More
scientific credibility when marketing to farmers

The importance of scientific credibility when marketing to farmers

Giving credit to your sources will have a lasting effect. Farming is increasingly reliant on science and new discoveries. From herbicide-tolerant traits to building fully-automated dairies, farming has become contingent upon the brightest of minds.  And the key to communicating this science to farmers is credibility. Credibility is built through research, trials, peer reviews and publications.  It requires dozens of years, grants, and millions of dollars to earn that credibility ... Read More
Data Science to market to farmers

Data Science doesn’t have to be hard when marketing to farmers

All I ever needed to know about Data Science I learned in Driver’s Ed. A few years ago, Harvard Business Review called Data Science “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. Since then, Data Science has moved front and center in almost every industry with the promise of being able to turn mountains of data into actionable insights. In its simplest form, Data Science is essentially a merging of multiple ... Read More
Ag Marketing During a Downturn

Don’t stop marketing to farmers during a downturn

Farmers expect you to ride through recessions with them, and need assurance you are there for the long haul. Recessions don’t last forever. But the damage marketers may inflict on their brands during a recession could. When markets go down and stay down, companies hunker to weather the sagging economy. We see it in this current ag recession. Companies gouge marketing budgets, because it’s easier than cutting production costs or ... Read More
Turn Research into Insights

Use the 5 whys to turn research into insights when marketing to farmers

The true value of research in marketing to farmers comes from looking beyond the numbers to see insights, which can be surprisingly easy to do once you know your subject. Excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when you discover that insights promoted by researchers are often data points only. Don’t get me wrong, data is important, as is well-executed research. As an ag marketer, I pride myself on knowing farmers’ ... Read More