Community service charities ag marketing

Giving back in ag is helping others move forward

Community service, volunteering and philanthropy begins in the heart first. Now that Thanksgiving is over, radio stations are occupied with holiday tunes and the onslaught of shopping opportunities has invaded the media with vengeance – to the point where the spirit of giving of the holiday season feels overshadowed with self-serving promotions.  And though we should feel gratitude throughout the year, the winter holidays seem to be the primary, if ... Read More
Instagram for Marketing to Farmers

Capturing the charm on the farm: marketing to farmers in the age of Instagram

How to use this innovative app as a marketing tool. Instagram was born in 2010 as a photography-sharing app. Three years later it expanded to accommodate video, and today it has over one million advertisers to supplement its many features, including live stories, photo editing and filters. It currently cites 800 million active users, as well as a contingency of farms, farmers and agricultural photography, known as “Farmstagramers,” as they ... Read More
3 important lessons learned while writing “Marketing to Farmers”

3 important lessons learned while writing “Marketing to Farmers”

Marketing to Farmers is a pathway for learning as well as sharing insights. I have learned many lessons throughout the entire creative process with Jeff Walter, my partner on Marketing to Farmers. However, there are three key lessons that linger in my brain each time I write. Although many do, not all lessons come by way of mistakes.  Some come by way of reader engagement and substantive feedback on the ... Read More
Thank a Farmer Day

It’s a good day to thank a farmer

Join the Marketing to Farmers team in saying “Thanks!” Today is Thank a Farmer Day. Those of us in the industry do this every day. But for those who are less familiar with the benefits of agriculture, here are a few reasons why it’s a good day to thank a farmer. Take a look around you and think about all of things, in addition to the foods & beverages we consume, ... Read More
Precision Ag Vision Conference

Marketing to Farmers is heading to PrecisionAg Vision Conference

We’ll be hearing about emerging trends and their practical application. Precision agriculture. Site specific farming. Digital farming. Digital agriculture. Regardless of what we call it, its role in the food and fiber industry will continue to increase – at a meteoric rate. For most of us in agriculture, it’s not a new concept. In fact, agriculture has been living the Internet of Things long before that phrase was coined. For ... Read More