Thank a Farmer Day

It’s a good day to thank a farmer

Join the Marketing to Farmers team in saying “Thanks!” Today is Thank a Farmer Day. Those of us in the industry do this every day. But for those who are less familiar with the benefits of agriculture, here are a few reasons why it’s a good day to thank a farmer. Take a look around you and think about all of things, in addition to the foods & beverages we consume, ... Read More
Precision Ag Vision Conference

Marketing to Farmers is heading to PrecisionAg Vision Conference

We’ll be hearing about emerging trends and their practical application. Precision agriculture. Site specific farming. Digital farming. Digital agriculture. Regardless of what we call it, its role in the food and fiber industry will continue to increase – at a meteoric rate. For most of us in agriculture, it’s not a new concept. In fact, agriculture has been living the Internet of Things long before that phrase was coined. For ... Read More
advocacy programs for marketing to farmers

Advocacy for farmers is more than a marketing task

Include your entire organization in ag advocacy efforts. Reams of research have told us for years that consumers, especially millennials, expect brands to have purpose beyond the sales and delivery of products and services.  They expect brands to support issues that are important to them and, as we see in B2B circles, to advocate for their industries.  And they won’t be fooled with a few warm-and-fuzzy marketing messages. In the ... Read More
Supporting farmers during natural disasters

Maintaining the calm before, during and after the storm

How to be our best when Mother Nature is at her worst. In the past three weeks, we’ve seen hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose, wreak havoc on our nation, with Katia not far behind. While the Eastern Seaboard is frightfully coming to shore, it is fire season across the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, scorching the earth and lighting the sky with flames and clouds of smoke.  From Montana to New ... Read More
Happy 4th of July! From

Happy 4th of July! From

Happy 4th of July! From all of us at, we wish all of you a star-spangled, safe celebration! ... Read More