top 7 steps to a successful product launch in the ag market

7 steps to a successful ag product launch

Making the most of marketing to generate news and interest. If you’ve worked in agriculture for even a day, you know that bringing a new product to market involves years of research and development, field trials to validate product performance and safety, and customer research to understand market needs and ensure market acceptance. Bringing a new product to the farm market also requires defining or reshaping your buyer personas – ... Read More
preparing for crisis management in agriculture marketing

Yes, you can plan for a crisis

How to manage the crisis before it happens. No one wants to go through a crisis. But crises do happen, even in ag – equipment fails, animal welfare activists go on the attack, a key executive goes to the competition, herbicide inventory falls way short of demand or a farmer is injured.  Unfortunately, most people don’t want to plan for a crisis. It can be an enormous amount of work ... Read More
trade show marketing opportunities

Trade shows offer non-stop opportunities for marketing to farmers

Tips to make your next trade show a worthwhile marketing experience. We recognize the value of ag trade shows and how these events support our marketing goals. We get the opportunity to connect with farmers, retailers and other industry influencers. Where else can you personally interact with so many of your target audiences in just one place? Trade shows also give you front-row access to your competitors’ messaging and activity ... Read More
tips for recording farmer testimonials

Taking it to the field: tips for creative testimonials

Producing an effective assessment to get the best business. Producing a testimonial takes a special craft. It carefully toes the line between endorsement and op-ed, and if done right, removes the essence of a commercial and exchanges it with a homegrown feel of the products and services that are actually being used.  Therefore, it can and should take significant effort to find the right subject for testimonial productions in the ... Read More
Community service charities ag marketing

Giving back in ag is helping others move forward

Community service, volunteering and philanthropy begins in the heart first. Now that Thanksgiving is over, radio stations are occupied with holiday tunes and the onslaught of shopping opportunities has invaded the media with vengeance – to the point where the spirit of giving of the holiday season feels overshadowed with self-serving promotions.  And though we should feel gratitude throughout the year, the winter holidays seem to be the primary, if ... Read More