agriculture marketing with radio

Regarding the radio: fine-tuning to ag

Radio is the one medium that has stood the test of time, bypassing technological challenges in all landscapes to maintain broadcast communication. In more rural counties and countries, where a larger part of the population is employed by agriculture, the reliance on radio is ... Read More
evolving ag media digital vs. traditional

The evolving ag media landscape and its fit in marketing to farmers

As new technologies emerge and budgets get tighter, don’t fall for the false dilemma, leverage all your tools. While at Commodity Classic, I had a chance to address a room full of ag media editors and broadcasters on current digital media trends and what our clients are looking for. It was a great conversation, with ... Read More
Native Advertising to Farmers

Native advertising goes beyond digital when marketing to farmers

Strengthen your brand’s relationship with farmers through the strategic use of native advertising in your overall plan. I recently went to Google for a definition of “native advertising.”  This is what I was given: As it turns out, this isn’t what I was expecting at all. Packaging material to match the design of the editorial ... Read More
Programmatic media for marketing to farmers

Is there value in programmatic when marketing to farmers?

Use customer data for more precise, efficient digital media buys. Programmatic advertising has been one of the hottest topics in marketing the past few years. While many B2C advertisers utilize programmatic, many in the B2B community, including agriculture, still struggle with what it is or how they can benefit from it. According to e-Marketer, 73 ... Read More
Ag Media for Marketing to Farmers

When marketing to farmers, respect the relationship with ag media

Understanding is the foundation for respect. In our post Print Still Rules the Marketing Mix for Reaching Farmers, we established that farmers still receive and read agricultural print publications. Farmers don’t stop there though – they tune into agricultural websites, ag radio and TV. The point is, they trust ag media and they look to ... Read More