clicks aren't the only measurement when marketing to farmers

Clicks aren’t the only measure of success when marketing online to farmers

While clicks can help evaluate the success of online advertising, they aren’t the only viable tool to measure your success We’ve all been there. The digital campaign manager just finished presenting last month’s online advertising results, and is now looking at you grinning. She’s excited because the campaign out-performed the industry average for clicks and ... Read More
Augmented Reality when Marketing to Farmers

The viability of augmented reality when marketing to farmers

The possibilities of AR for agriculture are limitless. It’s no secret that augmented reality (AR) applications have taken over pop culture by storm. Don’t believe me? Take a walk through a large park on any given day and make note of how many people seem to be wandering aimlessly while glancing down at their smartphone ... Read More
How Farmers Use Mobile Devices

How farmers use mobile devices impacts how you market to them

Mobile is the future. And farmers are adopting the technology faster than ever. Across the world mobile phone use is increasing year after year – and it’s no different in agriculture. While farmers may not have been early adopters for mobile technologies, their usage is certainly increasing every year at a steady rate. As referenced ... Read More
text marketing to farmers

FWIW, texting has a place in marketing to farmers

Text marketing may seem outdated, but it may be the perfect way to keep in touch with farmers. If you’re an avid reader of Marketing to Farmers, you may have noticed one of our common themes: farmers, in a lot of ways, are just like us. They value and build their chosen community carefully among ... Read More