Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Live-tweeting is an effective marketing tool to engage farmers

Tips on live-tweeting to farmers from an ag event. We are just finishing a busy time for ag trade shows and conferences. During these events, I saw a number of ag marketers successfully using social media to connect with farmers and provide them with real-time updates. Farmer interest to connect with ag companies and brands ... Read More
Hindsight insights learning from the past

Hindsight can be foresight when marketing to farmers

Being smart and being creative with insight from the past is the best policy. Oddly enough, marketing can be like farming. Just like farmers must grow and adapt to the conditions a season doles out to them, so must the people who market to them. And like the weather, it’s not always easy to predict ... Read More
evolving ag media digital vs. traditional

The evolving ag media landscape and its fit in marketing to farmers

As new technologies emerge and budgets get tighter, don’t fall for the false dilemma, leverage all your tools. While at Commodity Classic, I had a chance to address a room full of ag media editors and broadcasters on current digital media trends and what our clients are looking for. It was a great conversation, with ... Read More
Native Advertising to Farmers

Native advertising goes beyond digital when marketing to farmers

Strengthen your brand’s relationship with farmers through the strategic use of native advertising in your overall plan. I recently went to Google for a definition of “native advertising.”  This is what I was given: As it turns out, this isn’t what I was expecting at all. Packaging material to match the design of the editorial ... Read More
Consumer marketing to farmers

Everyone deserves a rich online experience, even when marketing to farmers

At the end of the day – we’re all everyday consumers. Today, the depth and flexibility of the Internet has blurred the lines of the average consumer and a business owner. It’s become ingrained in our everyday lives, making B2B and B2C digital boundaries less segregated than ever before. Consumers can now connect to the ... Read More