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The Internet of Things impacts how we think about marketing

Farmers’ reliance on big data is evolving agricultural technology like never before. “Land was the raw material of the agricultural age. Iron was the raw material of the industrial age. Data is the raw material of the information age,” says Alec Ross in his book “The Industries of the Future”. The rising desire for big data in all industries is sweeping through agriculture, but not everyone knows how this trend ... Read More
10 tips to understand and utilize SEO

10 tips to understand and utilize SEO

In its infancy, the internet was a way to organically seek information about a product, service or location. But now, type a search word into Google and it’s more impossible than ever to miss that the first and final third of every browser page results contain ads, known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising ... Read More
trade show marketing opportunities

Trade shows offer non-stop opportunities for marketing to farmers

Tips to make your next trade show a worthwhile marketing experience. We recognize the value of ag trade shows and how these events support our marketing goals. We get the opportunity to connect with farmers, retailers and other industry influencers. Where else can you personally interact with so many of your target audiences in just one place? Trade shows also give you front-row access to your competitors’ messaging and activity ... Read More
how farmers use social media

Understanding how farmers use social media can improve your marketing

Farmers are increasingly active on social media, are you missing out? More and more farmers are actively engaging in social media platforms, for both personal and business reasons.  Understanding how they’re using platforms like YouTube and Facebook can enable your brand to deliver useful content at the right moment. In its early days, social media wasn’t much more than a way for teenagers and college students to let their friends ... Read More
Farmers are mobile and your email marketing should be, too

Farmers are mobile and your email marketing should be, too

Making the point and making it portable: engaging a farmer on-the-go. According to a Farm Journal Media survey, the majority of farmers already use smartphones and tablets. Nearly 90 percent of farmers will soon own a smartphone. In addition, 75 percent use smartphones for email. Is your email readable on a smartphone? If you create an email for farmers and review it in Outlook or on a desktop, you are ... Read More