marketing to women farmers, Paula Peters

Never underestimate the power of women when marketing to farmers

A personal perspective on the impact women have on the farm… and on your brand. Women have tremendous influence on the farm and are critical to your brand’s success. They are as committed and involved in agriculture as men – and have been for a long time. For most women in ag, it’s in our ... Read More
Mistakes when Marketing to Farmers

A common rookie mistake when marketing to farmers

Farmers are not a generic, homogeneous group. If you’re new to the ag business, you, like many first-time ag marketers, may assume that farmers are a homogeneous group. After all, farmers only represent one percent of the population. Once you peel away the demographics layer, how different can they really be? Very different in terms ... Read More
marketing can connect with influential farm women

Women: the missed opportunity when marketing to farmers

How ag marketing can connect with influential farm women. Decision-makers on the farm aren’t just gray-haired white guys these days. The role of women in decision-making is changing on the farm. According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, women represent 30 percent of all farm operators and 14 percent of all principal operators. Yet, ... Read More
Who they aren’t – farmer marketing myths

Who they aren’t – farmer marketing myths

Who they aren’t is just as important as who they are when speaking to your audience. There are a lot of misconceptions about farmers that can really hurt your marketing efforts. Consumers want to hear from a brand that understands them, and it’s no exception for the folks who help put food on our tables ... Read More
targeting the right farmer mindset when marketing

Marketing to the pessimist and optimist in every farmer

3 Questions to help your brand optimize its appeal by targeting the right mindset. Most entrepreneurs have dueling mindsets of optimism and pessimism, and both can lead to success. The inner optimist provides the belief that one can beat the odds and achieve success despite the many challenges a small business faces. Without it, few ... Read More