How to connect with farmers

4 ways that connections are key when marketing to farmers

Connect solutions and call to action to farmers’ needs and their bottom line. You’ve always heard, and maybe seen for yourself, that “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Throughout our professional lives, these “who you know” connections are key. With marketing to farmers, the “what” is as important as the “who” in establishing and keeping a connection with a farmer. You need to understand who you’re talking ... Read More
Is it time to reprioritize first-generation farmers in your marketing plans?

Is it time to reprioritize first-generation farmers in your marketing plans?

Young, first-generation farmers represent unique opportunities for evolution and growth for ag brands. Agriculture suffers from a shortage of talent. We see it in all facets of ag, throughout the production and value chain and even at ag universities. One shortage that has captured media and governmental attention – and is overlooked by many ag marketers – is the shortage of opportunities for young farmers. I’m talking about first-generation farmers ... Read More
Using facts vs. emotions to drive marketing to farmers

Using facts vs. emotions to drive marketing to farmers

The right blend of emotion and facts makes for a compelling marketing message to farmers. Emotion and B2B marketing There’s quite a bit of conversation out there about B2B marketing and what drives the B2B purchase decisions – facts or emotions. Much of that conversation ends with emotion winning. But what about the farmers out there? Once marketers become entrenched in the world of agribusiness, they quickly learn there are ... Read More
marketing to women farmers, Paula Peters

Never underestimate the power of women when marketing to farmers

A personal perspective on the impact women have on the farm… and on your brand. Women have tremendous influence on the farm and are critical to your brand’s success. They are as committed and involved in agriculture as men – and have been for a long time. For most women in ag, it’s in our DNA. For ag marketers, it’s risky and careless to ignore the role of women on ... Read More
Mistakes when Marketing to Farmers

A common rookie mistake when marketing to farmers

Farmers are not a generic, homogeneous group. If you’re new to the ag business, you, like many first-time ag marketers, may assume that farmers are a homogeneous group. After all, farmers only represent one percent of the population. Once you peel away the demographics layer, how different can they really be? Very different in terms of attitudes, lifestyles and buying behaviors, not to mention what they raise, how big they ... Read More