Farmer CFO mindset at trade shows

Marketing insight from Commodity Classic: The CFO mindset of farmers is in charge

Observations at Commodity Classic from the Marketing to Farmers team As we prepared for Commodity Classic, our team wondered what the mood of farmers would be. From our observations, eavesdropping and conversations, we concluded the mood was cautiously optimistic. Mike McGinnis at Successful Farming suggested there was measured optimism. What we witnessed was the CFO of the farm was in-charge of the trade show experience.  Business Management and Data Hold ... Read More
Using data when marketing to farmers

When marketing to farmers make sure to use data that is actionable and specific

Farmers’ business savvy is increasing along with everyone else’s and they rely ever more heavily on analysis and data to make their decisions. Every business uses analytics to help guide their decisions. Technology and the proliferation of data collection allows these metrics to become both more robust and more specific. Your favorite sports team uses analytics. Your company’s finance department uses analytics. Your customers do, too. In all of these ... Read More
Consumer marketing to farmers

Everyone deserves a rich online experience, even when marketing to farmers

At the end of the day – we’re all everyday consumers. Today, the depth and flexibility of the Internet has blurred the lines of the average consumer and a business owner. It’s become ingrained in our everyday lives, making B2B and B2C digital boundaries less segregated than ever before. Consumers can now connect to the information they need anywhere, anytime. A report completed by Forrester supports this notion explaining that ... Read More
Millennial farmers are more brand loyal than you expect

Using marketing to encourage brand loyalty among millennial farmers

Taking a personal approach to reach millennials will pay off in the long run. Recently we’ve had some discussion in our office about how and whether the brand loyalty of Millennial farmers is different from older generations on the farm. When it comes to choosing crop inputs and equipment, they don’t automatically buy what their parents and grandparents bought. Instead, they often begin the decision-making process by first researching the ... Read More
Get on the farm (if you want to better understand how to market to farmers)

Get on the farm (if you want to better understand how to market to farmers)

Win a farmer’s attention and earn his or her respect with third-party partnerships. The greatest challenge for ag marketers is winning a farmer’s attention and earning credibility. For people who don’t punch a time clock, the workday is tremendously stretched for those who provide our food and fiber. That time isn’t spent leaning on a truck; it’s busy. To slow farmers down long enough to listen to your pitch you ... Read More