key challenges for ag marketing

Marketing to farmers poses a unique set of challenges

Embrace these 4 challenges head-on and the (ag) world is your oyster! A few weekends ago, I was chatting with a new acquaintance at a neighborhood barbecue about spending the last 17 years of my professional career in marketing. When he asked what industry I enjoyed the most, without a moment’s hesitation, I answered, “Agriculture.” My new friend was surprised by this answer and asked me why it was such ... Read More
county fair marketing to farmers

Marketing to farmers at the county fair is a winning strategy

Don’t dismiss the value of county and state fairs for keeping your brand in conversations. For a few weeks every summer, many farmers seem to fall off the grid. They’re at the county and state fairs with their families. But don’t think for a moment that they’ve taken a break from pondering and debating the inputs, services and equipment used in their operations. The conversations are happening, just at a ... Read More
Loyalty Programs for Farmers

How loyal is your loyalty program when marketing to farmers?

4 Lessons for creating loyalty programs that engage and keep customers. An estimated 90% of all companies – including ag companies – have some type of loyalty program, according to the recent loyalty program report from Accenture. The report goes on to tell us some even more alarming news from consumers that can confidently be projected to farmers, too. 71% of those surveyed claim loyalty programs do not engender loyalty ... Read More
Marketing to today’s entitled farmers

Marketing to today’s entitled farmers

Three tips to keep your entitled farmer-customer happy. At a conference, I recently listened to a speaker talk about today’s entitled customer. He focused primarily on the millennial generation living in major cities, and how they just expect food, transportation and even late-night cocktail makings to show up at the push of a button. But it occurred to me, that this sense of entitlement isn’t limited to a generation or ... Read More
The internet is your new tradeshow

The internet is your new tradeshow when marketing to farmers

In the world of ag, online customer advocacy is rapidly becoming the initial research and “kick the tires” opportunity for your brand. Farmers are like us. Sounds obvious enough, but sometimes it takes some good old-fashioned conversation to remind us of that. While home the other weekend, I was talking to my dad (an Illinois corn and soy farmer) about one of the newer herbicides on the market this year ... Read More