The importance of continuing education in ag

The importance of continuing education in ag

Lifelong learning is the key to marketing success In his opening remarks at Farm Journal’s Corn College last week, program owner Ken Ferrie noted “a lot of our money and our daughter go to Iowa State.” As the audience laughed, he continued to discuss his daughter’s education and, as a young woman in 2018, her consideration to enter the family farming business. What’s impossible to miss at Corn College is ... Read More
Gut instinct decision making data analysis

How does the gut instinct factor into farming

When marketing to farmers, what does your gut tell you? Some call it intuition, others call it the pit of your stomach, and everyone can feel the effects of it. What we’re referring to is your gut instinct. As Today’s Farm reports, farmers have traditionally relied on their gut instinct to make important decisions, based on years of experience and generations of information and practice handed down. However, as technology ... Read More
reaching influencer audiences when marketing to farmers

Know who influences farmers’ decisions

Influencer audiences are an important marketing channel. The buying decision for a consumer product is a very different experience than that for a business, specifically in agriculture. In agriculture, decisions about products, equipment and seed are complicated decisions that can take a lot of time, research and energy. And, unlike consumer marketing, you are not always marketing directly to the purchaser when trying to sell them your product. Researchers and ... Read More
why farmers go to farm shows

Some thoughts about marketing to farmers at farm shows

A brief conversation about why farmers go to farm shows. Recently Jeff Walter and I attended the Farm Progress Show. My husband Dennis, a retired sales agronomist, walked the show with us. As always, we caught up with clients, media partners, friends and neighbors, and made some new friends, too. The show was well-attended; and virtually every exhibitor we asked was pleased with the traffic in their displays. On the ... Read More
Marketing to farmers returning to Rural America

Marketing to farmers returning to Rural America

The next generation of ag is returning to Rural America after time spent in the private sector. We are all creatures of habit and that includes marketers with an ag audience. The audience is evolving, so you may not get away with your tried and true, lead-with-traditional-media strategies for too much longer. In recent years, we have seen reports from sources, including the USDA, indicate the next generation is returning ... Read More