10 ways to repurpose content

10 ways to repurpose content

Your guide to getting the most out of content already created. As we expand on the ways in which we engage farmers and how we can anticipate their needs, it’s up to us to produce content that is both captivating and informative. We’ve noted the changing information landscape, the challenges farmers face within that landscape, and how those challenges affect their purchasing decisions. As this landscape continues to evolve, so ... Read More
Ag tech soil health marketing opportunities

A renaissance in agriculture means opportunity when marketing for farmers

Like ag tech, soil health is not a passing fad; and smart brands find ways to be part of the conversation. Once we recovered from the enormity of the Commodity Classic tradeshow, we realized we are witnessing a renaissance in agriculture, enabled by technology. An oxymoron? Perhaps. But one of the oldest agricultural principles, dating back centuries all the way to ancient civilizations, was one of the hottest topics at ... Read More
photography tips for marketing to farmers

Flashback to the basics of photography to make the old look new

When ag images start to look stale, focus on the features. The magic of photography captures a moment in time, a memory as it happened, color, texture and vision. It’s the total of our senses flattened into two dimensions, but powerful enough to evoke feelings and meaning. In ag advertising and brand marketing, it’s used to complement the heart and soul of our products and locations and capture the essence ... Read More
tips for creative testimonials

Sifting content through the sales funnel

Leading the ag industry with content marketing - The fine folks at Microsoft have reported that the average human attention span is eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish. That means we have to really up our game to keep you reading this, whether it hits you with emotion or hooks you with humor. You see, the power of persuasion ... Read More
Content discovery for farmers

The importance of content discovery marketing to farmers

Creating good content is important, but making that content discoverable will increase credibility and effectiveness. Nielsen has a few interesting nuggets in their Trust in Advertising Survey that we as marketers (even ag marketers) need to consider. Turns out that people don’t trust marketers, but they do trust each other. 92 percent of people completely/somewhat trust recommendations from other people they know. 70 percent of people completely/somewhat trust consumer opinions ... Read More