Differentiate your brand when marketing to farmers

When every brand looks the same: how to stand out amongst the crowd

As the marketplace fills with competition, setting yourself apart is more important than ever. We all know that brand differentiation is key in standing out from the crowd and building loyalty. But, as new technologies emerge, generics gain traction and competition intensifies, differentiating brands in the ag space is getting more complicated and more necessary these days. There was a time when it seemed as if the same players were ... Read More
Ag Marketing During a Downturn

Don’t stop marketing to farmers during a downturn

Farmers expect you to ride through recessions with them, and need assurance you are there for the long haul. Recessions don’t last forever. But the damage marketers may inflict on their brands during a recession could. When markets go down and stay down, companies hunker to weather the sagging economy. We see it in this current ag recession. Companies gouge marketing budgets, because it’s easier than cutting production costs or ... Read More
Investing in youth and education has a place in marketing to farmers

Investing in youth and education has a place in marketing to farmers

Marketing and communications resource plans cannot afford to cut investment in the future of agriculture. Think again before you let your support of ag education and youth programs fall victim to the budget squeeze. Sure, contributions and sponsorships made this year probably won’t directly make the cash register ring in the same fiscal year, but there are many intangible benefits that go beyond sales and marketing. Whether in the form ... Read More
mergers and acquisitions marketed to farmers

M&As add complexity when marketing to farmers

Plan for open, honest communications to address concerns. We live in a time of record global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the ag sector. With each M&A announcement, farmers scratch their heads wondering about the effects and potentially benefits from the merger and acquisition. It is imperative that the new organization honestly address these concerns, particularly as it prepares to go to market. Not every farmer will be affected ... Read More
Millennial farmers are more brand loyal than you expect

Using marketing to encourage brand loyalty among millennial farmers

Taking a personal approach to reach millennials will pay off in the long run. Recently we’ve had some discussion in our office about how and whether the brand loyalty of Millennial farmers is different from older generations on the farm. When it comes to choosing crop inputs and equipment, they don’t automatically buy what their parents and grandparents bought. Instead, they often begin the decision-making process by first researching the ... Read More