Marketing to a Farmer's Family

Three ways to put family first when marketing to farmers

Keep in mind the importance of family farming when connecting your audience to a brand. Contrary to some propaganda, family farms continue to dominate agriculture representing 97 percent of the 2.1 million farms in the United States, according to the most recent U.S. Census of Agriculture. A colleague of mine recently attended Farm Journal’s Corn and Soybean College and had the opportunity to meet some farm families during the event ... Read More
the importance of our internal sales and marketing teams

Don’t sell your internal audience short when marketing to farmers

Drive bigger success by involving your sales and marketing audience at key stages earlier in the brand campaign development process. As most marketers know, it’s important to keep your internal audiences informed about ongoing efforts to support them and your brands. It helps to instill confidence in your sales and marketing teams while also striving for a consistent message and position when going to market. You reinforce your brand’s point ... Read More
storytelling for marketing to farmers

Good storytelling is great for marketing to farmers

One of the oldest forms of communication still works. Storytelling may be the most overused word in marketing. But there must be something to it for it to be so enduring and popular. And there is — storytelling can be highly effective when done well. Especially when marketing to farmers. Why stories work so well A big reason for storytelling’s effectiveness is the emotion. Stories just naturally have it. A ... Read More
Where are all the great taglines in marketing to farmers?

Where are all the great taglines in marketing to farmers?

An informal survey reveals very few taglines in ag meet the criteria to be great. If you walk around a farm show, flip through a farm magazine or scroll through a few ag brand websites, you’ll probably see a lot of clever lines and phrases hovering near logos. It would be imprudent, though, to classify most of those lines as taglines. There are a lot of campaign summaries and functional ... Read More
Creative briefs for marketing to farmers

The value of a great brief when marketing to farmers

Critical to your program’s success in marketing to farmers is following a communications brief that’s been written and approved by key stakeholders. Because I think of a brief as a project’s blueprint, I’m always surprised when I hear about a campaign launched without one. As a homeowner, you’d never OK construction on your home without first approving the design, budget and timing. Why would you take the risk when marketing ... Read More