Where are all the great taglines in marketing to farmers?

Where are all the great taglines in marketing to farmers?

An informal survey reveals very few taglines in ag meet the criteria to be great. If you walk around a farm show, flip through a farm magazine or scroll through a few ag brand websites, you’ll probably see a lot of clever lines and phrases hovering near logos. It would be imprudent, though, to classify most of those lines as taglines. There are a lot of campaign summaries and functional ... Read More
Creative briefs for marketing to farmers

The value of a great brief when marketing to farmers

Critical to your program’s success in marketing to farmers is following a communications brief that’s been written and approved by key stakeholders. Because I think of a brief as a project’s blueprint, I’m always surprised when I hear about a campaign launched without one. As a homeowner, you’d never OK construction on your home without first approving the design, budget and timing. Why would you take the risk when marketing ... Read More
Selecting the right agency partners for Marketing to Farmers

Selecting the right agency partners for Marketing to Farmers

Before you start, make your agency search more efficient by knowing which agency model is best for your ag business. Full Disclosure: I am the President and CEO of Rhea + Kaiser, a marketing agency with current clients and deep roots in agriculture. I have some thoughts on considerations and strategies when selecting agency partners for your ag brands. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that I don’t ... Read More
Native Advertising to Farmers

Native advertising goes beyond digital when marketing to farmers

Strengthen your brand’s relationship with farmers through the strategic use of native advertising in your overall plan. I recently went to Google for a definition of “native advertising.”  This is what I was given: As it turns out, this isn’t what I was expecting at all. Packaging material to match the design of the editorial environment is a given, I suppose. But while display banners signal that a farmer can ... Read More
judging creative for emerging markets

Judging today’s creative when marketing to farmers

Even as new channels emerge, the rigors of creative evaluation remain unchanged. A few months ago we discussed the challenges of reaching and engaging farmers in their media-stacked days.  While it is getting more difficult to intrigue farmers with marketing and persuade them to take action, great ideas still can, and do, reach three important parts of today’s farmer regardless of the channel: the head, the heart and the wallet ... Read More